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Scientific Research
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Scientific Research
. increased vitality
. improved appetite and digestion
. increased stamina and improved mental clarity
. improved cardiovascular functioning
. decrease in lipid peroxide levels (LP)
. reduction in total cholesterol levels
. increased HDL cholesterol
. reduction in diastolic blood pressure
. reduced anxiety levels
. reduction in levels of toxins such as lead PCB, and dioxins

The following is a small sampling of research studies which have conducted on Panchakarma Rejuvenation treatments:

Rejuvenation programs
Published in Abstracts of the American Public Health Association 127 Annual Meeting and Exposition, 1999: In a longitudinal evaluation of participants of the detoxification procedure known as Rejuvenation treatments, serum levels were measured before and after undergoing the treatments. After treatment, mean levels of PCB's (-46%) and b-HCH (-58%) changed significantly. The results indicate that the Rejuvenation treatments provide significant reduction in levels of lipophilic toxicants. Lipophilic toxicants (including PCB, h-HCH, DDT and dioxins) have been associated with hormone disruption, immunosuppression, cancer, and other diseases.

Rejuvenation treatments were given for 3 - 5 days to 31 subjects (15 male and 16 female), with a mean age of 40.6 years. Fasting blood samples were tested for biochemical parameters before, one week following and 2.9 months following the treatments. Total cholesterol fell acutely in all subjects and HDL cholesterol rose 7.5% (p=0.015) after 2.9 months if original values were less than 15 mg/dL. Lipid peroxide, a measure of free radical damage, rose during PK, then fell to lower levels at 2.9 months. Pulse and diastolic blood pressure were reduced after the treatments. State anxiety measures improved significantly. These results indicate that Rejuvenation treatments are useful in improving cardiovascular risk factors.

The influence of Shirodara, prescribed for alleviating neurological and psychological disorders, on the dynamics of brain activity as measured by EEG was examined. Results show two contrasting modes of brain activity during the procedure. The first, a low level of activation, is similar to meditative periods; the second was indicative of brain excitation. Findings indicate that Shirodara, generating high coherence in neural systems, supports more comprehensive states of conscious awareness.

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