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Maintaining results at home
After Panchakarma, it is recommended clients follow the guidelines they have received during their Ayurvedic consultation. One of the main goals of the Ayurvedic consultation is to provide people with rejuvenating techniques they can use at home in daily life.

Clients often receive specific recommendations for yoga asana programs, pranyama, breathing techniques, exercise routines according to body type, daily oil massage instructions, use of Vedic sound therapy and specific herbal preparations.

These recommendations give clients an in-depth body of knowledge they can apply in daily life to maintain health and the highest possible level of mental and physical well-being.

Herbal Formulas
The herbal formulas prescribed by a trained Ayurvedic consultant are prepared in the precise manner outlined in the ancient Ayurvedic texts.

They are collected from the forests of India but if this poses a threat to the environment they are cultivated.
The potency of the plants varies with the seasons, cycles of the moon and time of day. Our trained pickers harvest each plant at the ideal time, which can make herbs up to 100 times more powerful. Different herbal formulas stimulate different aspects of our body's inner intelligence, yet each formula, combining many herbs in a synergetic manner, enlivens the holistic intelligence of natural law in the body as a whole.

Daily Oil Massage - health and beauty
Daily oil massages are not only enjoyable and pleasant but also improve health and beauty at the same time. Oil massages in the morning are particularly important. Try it and feel the difference.

Instructions for Herbalised Oil Massage: Abhyanga

Sesame oil in which herbs have been boiled is the usual abhyanga oil. There are a variety of excellent herbalised oils available.

1. In the morning heat about 1/4 cup of cured oil to slightly above body temperature. The massage should be done with the open part of the hand rather than with the fingertips. Start by rubbing the head. Place a small amount of oil on the fingers and palms and begin to massage the scalp vigorously. Spend proportionately more time on the head than you do on other parts of the body.

2. Next apply oil gently with the open part of the hand to your face and outer part of your ears. You do not need to rub these areas vigorously.

3. Rub both the front and back of the neck, and the upper part of the spine.

4. You may want to now apply a small amount of oil to your entire body before proceeding. This will allow the oil to have maximum amount of time in contact with the body.

5. Next rub your arms. The proper motion is up and down over your long bones and circular movement over your joints. Massage both arms, including especially the hands and fingers.

6. A very gentle circular motion should be used over your heart. Over the abdomen a gentle, clockwise, circular motion should be used, following the colon from the right lower part of the abdomen, moving towards the left lower part of the abdomen.

7. Rub the back and spine. There will be some areas which you may have difficulty reaching.

8. Rub the legs. Like the arms, use an up and down motion over the long bones and a circular motion over the joints.

9. Finally, rub the top and bottoms of the feet. The feet are considered especially important, thus proportionately more time should be spent here than on other parts of the body. Use the open part of your hand and massage vigorously back and forth over the soles of the feet.

10. The effects will be significantly greater if you can leave the oil on the body for 15–20 minutes before taking a bath or shower. This is easily done by putting on some light clothing and doing things around the house for 15–20 minutes before showering.

Important Additional Points!
1. Use liquid soap to shower after abhyanga to prevent drains from clogging.
2. Buy inexpensive towels to be used to dry off after showering and wash them separately with extra detergent and oil removing preparations.
3. Dry the towels on lower heat in your dryers to avoid combustion of any remaining oil residue under intense heat.

To guarantee the purity and effectiveness of our products, strict guidelines are followed. Every step of production is under supervision of a board of Ayurvedic physicians.

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