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       Modern medicine diagnoses and treats the matter level.

       Ayurveda diagnoses and treats the intelligence level.


All the oils we use are organic and have been meticulously cured over several days with up to 75 different herbs.




Ayurvedic Gem Therapy is a unique combination of:

Incoherent Polychromatic Light Technology (480-780Nm)
Electromagnetic Field Technology (Alpha, Delta, Beta, Theta)
Precious Gemstones and Crystals


         ”The energy-field governs the particle”
          Albert Einstein, Quantum Physicist

Ananda Spa and Clinic - Panchakarma

1 1/2 hr $109
A full body exfoliation and lymphatic drainage massage similar to Abhyanga but more invigorating. It uses a specially blended, deeply penetrating herbal paste...

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Ayurvedic Electronic Gemstone Light Therapy
  1 session $55  
 Initial Consult + 1 session (1 hour)  $60

Modern science and ancient wisdom combined:
Using innovative light technology with precious gemstones to heal and restore balance, the gem lamps have been used to treat everything from burns, infections and sprains to depression and neurological disorders. All with fast, outstanding results and no side effects.
This is also one of our most popular rejuvenation and anti aging beauty therapies.

Gem Light Therapy
Electronic Gem Therapy is a gentle and non-invasive therapy which can be applied to a wide range of health issues. It has combined ancient Ayurvedic tradition of using gemstones for healing together with modern day electronic technology. 

Electronic Gem Therapy uses a combination of precious gemstones
such as sapphires, emeralds, rubies, diamonds etc together with special filters. These are contained inside special lamps which are connected to an electronic unit with various frequencies and intensities. The colour of filter used is dependent on what gemstones are being used corresponding to the cosmic colour ray the gemstone transmits.

The lamps are then directed at the part of the body that needs treating.
The various frequencies which are used are dependent on whether the ailment needs calming down, such as an inflammation or whether it needs stimulating such as a leg ulcer.

Gem Light Therapy naturally helps calm a person, reduces anxiety, relaxes muscles and increases elasticity of the skin.

Try our Blue Sapphire massage, which deeply relaxes you with blue sapphire rays before and during a massage!

An Electronic Gem Therapist will not place crystals on the body it is all done by lamps, filters and various frequencies. 

When using Ayurvedic Gem Lights to address a client’s specific issues, the lights are directed at specific areas of the body, including the temples and the spleen, and any area for which healing is needed. This form of colored light therapy encourages the body overall to release vital hormones and endorphins, and this physiological response then helps to relieve pain, boost localized healing, and shift troublesome moods.

 Specifically, Gem Lights may promote wellness not only through the relaxation and stress-reduction effect, but also by helping to:

*  Improve micro-circulation
*  Promote proper cellular function
*  Stimulate positive immune responses

Deeply Relaxing Therapy
Electronic gem lamp therapy can modulate high hypertension Beta brain frequencies down to pleasurable Theta states of consciousness

Here are some of our most popular spa gem light treatments:

Buddhi Tranquility
Enter a state of deep relaxation and tranquility.
To create this meditative environment, lamps containing blue sapphire and a violet filter are used at Alpha frequencies.
 Blue sapphires emit a soft,soothing, calming energy.
The gem lamps are fitted with violet filters and are directed a few centimeters away  from each side of the head.
The client is kept warm, fully relaxed and comfortable in quiet surroundings.
The sapphire lamps are vibrating at 3.2 Hz and most people will quickly enter a dreamy, very relaxed state of consciousness.
The heart rate and blood pressure may fall, with pleasant bodily sensations.

Try our Blue Sapphire Massage: a great way to  relax yourself with blue sapphire rays before and during an Ayurvedic massage!

 Laxmi Balm
Emerald or pearl rays gently  beamed onto the face resulting in increased cellular growth within the skin tissue.
Emerald beamed onto the face before or after a facial reduces the risk of skin break out and helps smooth out wrinkles.
This cooling anti aging treatment beautifully enhances any facial it is combined with.

Kuja Cleanse  only $20!
This cleanse of red coral beamed directly onto the face for just 15 minutes can help clear acne and reduce skin problems.
This treatment is a wonderful prelude to the Laxmi Balm

Lotus of the Heart
Nurtures and strengthens the spiritual heart and can increase feelings of love through a combination of ruby and pearl beamed onto the heart.

Sheath of Bliss
Promotes bliss and contentment by beaming an emerald ray onto your crown helping to reflect your highest sacred self, and projecting blue sapphire above the third eye (between the eye brows) to slow down the aging process and enter a state of quiet & calmness.

For more information on other uses of Gem Light therapy for specific issues/ailments, call us on 027 40 41 40 5

1 hr $100
One of the most divine, relaxing therapies, Shirodhara is unique to Ayurveda. Lying on your back, a soothing stream of warm, aromatic sesame oil is gently poured back...
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Karna Purana
90 min $85
A soothing sinus relief and ear cleansing treatment. A warm oil, rejuvenating Ayurvedic head massage is followed by a steam inhalation & hot face-towel therapy...

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Netra Tarpana
60 min $55
This is a gentle eye treatment including a brief facial massage, which is soothing and relaxing and particularly beneficial for anyone suffering from the effects of computers, pollution, or whose...
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The Ananda Spa Facial
90 min $100
A full, 1 1/2 hour luxurious facial & massage with certified organic Ayurvedic herbs and a unique mask containing pure gold. Beauty is more than skin deep...
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Compass Zyto Readings

30 minutes $75
The Zyto/Compass is programmed to look for imbalances or disturbances in your energetic field which can precede manifestation in your physical tissue.
It then uses this data to identify your unique nutritional supplementation or organic essential oils to support the healing process of your body.
Watch this video on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25r6K1AafNU


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