Electronic Gemstone Light Therapy

Ayurvedic Electronic
Gemstone Light Therapy            

Modern Science meets Ancient Wisdom

Using innovative light technology with precious gemstones to profoundly heal, balance and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit.

Gem Light Testimonials at Ananda Clinic

I recently developed a patch of acute, weepy eczema which was becoming infected and I decided to try some gem light sessions for it.
After just one session at Ananda Clinic the eczema started to dry up, the itching became less and the infection has cleared.
L.M. - Christchurch

Tooth infection
A couple of years ago I started having recurring tooth infections. One root canal and a bridge later, another tooth infection appeared. After having two 30 minute gem light sessions with Diamond and Cat’s Eye gems my tooth ache disappeared, my gums and face were no longer sore and inflamed and I saved a lot of money at the dentist!
Five months later the symptoms have never returned.
C.R. - Christchurch

I have been having regular headaches for years.
When I  heard about gem light therapy through a friend I decided to give it a go.
A lamp with beautiful blue sapphires was beamed onto my head for 30 minutes. I fell asleep half way through the session and when I woke up the headache was gone.
My head felt wonderfully clear and light and for several days afterwards there was a feeling of calmness and serenity throughout the day.
E.R. - Christchurch

Vomiting/Stomach bug 
As soon as the lights came on my stomach started gurgling and I felt things moving across the lower part of my stomach. After that the sensation moved into the upper stomach, like a band across my stomach, then I fell asleep.
When I woke up I felt much better and the vomiting had stopped.
M.T.  - Christchurch

Gem Light Shirodhara

Since having regular Gem Light Shirodhara sessions I feel a silence and evenness that carries on in daily activities.
Sometimes there is a beautiful stillness, at other times there is a lot of bliss.
I sleep a lot better and more deeply. My head feels clear and calm.
Life has become more peaceful.
R. - Christchurch

  Gem Light Shirodhara is a most blissful way to have a profound rest and clear the mind!
During a session, I often sink into a deeply relaxed state where I lose all sense of space and time and when I come out, there is a wonderful feeling of effortlessness, contentment and bliss.
M.D. - Christchurch

I suffered chronic ear nose and throat problems since I was a toddler: polyps in the nose, many ear infections and several perforated ear drums as well as regular colds.
Since discovering gem light therapy all of these have simply vanished.
Incredibly, it took  just two sessions to notice a big improvement.
I now have regular sessions to boost my immune system with gem lights as a preventative health measure and I feel so much better all around.
I’d forgotten what it was like having a clear and healthy head. My quality of life has skyrocketed.
  - Christchurch


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