What is Panchakarma?

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What is Panchakarma?
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All treatments in our clinic are carried out in the authentic Ayurvedic manner, making them a truly unique method for revitalisation, prevention, rejuvenation and cure.




All the oils we use are organic and have been meticulously cured over several days with up to 75 different herbs.




Modern medicine diagnoses and treats the matter level. Ayurveda diagnoses and treats the intelligence level.

Ananda Spa and Clinic - Panchakarma

The Key to Health & Longevity

The Ultimate Gut Health Program
Panchakarma (literally translated as "five actions") is the most essential Ayurvedic purification and rejuvenation therapy. In the ancient Vedic civilisation, Panchakarma was regularly used for maintaining strength and youthfulness, as well as for the promotion of good health and long life.

Panchakarma offers a systematic treatment for dislodging and flushing toxins and impurities from every cell of the body, using the same organs of elimination that the body naturally employs - the sweat glands, blood vessels, urinary tract and intestines.

Regular purification is good because disease does not develop overnight, but comes about as the result of imbalances and impurities that amass in the mind-body over many years. Panchakarma helps to remove these impurities along with stress, fatigue and environmental toxins, stimulating the body's own natural rejuvenation and healing abilities, and averting or reversing the development of disease and ageing.

Charaka Samhita, one of the most important classical Ayurvedic texts describes the effectiveness of Panchakarma as follows:

In a person whose digestive system has been cleansed and purified, the metabolism is stimulated, disease is reduced, and normal health is maintained. The sense organs, mind, intellect and complexion are improved; strength, good nourishment and healthy potency are the result. Symptoms of ageing do not appear so easily and the person lives long, free from disorders. For this reason, elimination therapy should be carried out correctly and at the right time."

Where and when to do Panchakarma
Panchakarma can be taken for as few as 3 consecutive days or as many as 30 days or more. The average Panchakarma treatment takes about one week - which often passes all too quickly. Panchakarma is most effective if done regularly, ideally at the turn of spring, autumn and winter, as your body can be particularly vulnerable at the time of seasonal changes.

All of winter is also an excellent time for Panchakarma.Ayurveda recommends a 30-minute seasonal check-up with a qualified practitioner at least two to three times a year to help detect and eliminate any imbalances before they develop into real health problems. As a minimum, it is recommended you have about one week of Panchakarma a year if you are in good health. Taking Panchakarma as an in-residence patient is also recommended, as the body gets deeper rest if you do not have to travel to and from a clinic every day and you can follow a prescribed daily routine allowing you to sink into blissful silence. However, if you don't have the opportunity for a residential stay, you can also have a similar experience on an out-patient basis.

How Panchakarma works

"Just as a wet sponge remove water without effort, impuritites are detatched very easily from the body through the procedure of Panchakarma."
- Charaka Samhita

In essence, Panchakarma consists of a sequence of treatments, which, together, dislodge impurities from the cells and then flush them from the body. According to Ayurveda, our body is not a rigid structure but a subtle and continuously changing system, Modern science validates the knowledge that millions of cells are being renewed daily. In one year almost all the cells and atoms of our body are replaced. This process of permanent change is governed by the body's inner intelligence or consciousness.

Panchakarma cleanses every single cell in the body, enlivening the inner intelligence of the body and strengthening its natural healing ability. Maintaining the connection between the body's inner intelligence and the physiology is the basis of health. Ayurveda describes how blocking the connection between the body's intelligence level and matter is the basis of disease.

The Panchakarma program helps to restore the connection between the intelligence of the body and its material structure and function. It accomplishes this by eliminating the blockages in all the body's connection points between its intelligence and matter levels. Disease develops when impurities accumulate and the body's channels become blocked. Toxins, impurities and blockages in the channels of circulation and communication occur for many reasons, for example poor diet, poor digestion, elimination, environmental toxins, mental and emotional stress.

In Ayurveda these impurities are known as "ama" and if they remain in the physiology they aggravate over time, becoming more toxic, more deeply embedded in the tissues, being the root cause of many diseases.

"Shrotas" are the channels through which communication, nourishment and elimination occur in the body. There are shrotas at all levels of physiology, functioning from the tiniest pores in cells, to the finest capillaries and the major channels of digestion and elimination. The shrotas must remain clear and unobstructed for health, because they are the paths through which the body communicates with itself, creating balance and eliminating impurities. If circulation and communication become blocked then two of the main systems the body uses to balance and heal itself are impaired, contributing to the formation of many diseases.

By cleansing the cells and various shrotas in the body, Panchakarma promotes the free, unhindered flow of our mind and body's intelligence.

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